Our Partners

We partner with Underwriters, Brokers and Fleets to achieve our goal of reducing accidents across fleets.
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Create a value-added solution for your customers by deploying Safelys low effort low cost risk management solution.

Outsource your fleet risk management with Safely and improve loss ratio for your fleet business. Our low effort, low cost solution uses driver behavior insights and expertise to lower the accident frequency of your customers.


Provide your customers with a solution that helps them lower the cost of their premium and creates a cost effective fleet across fuel and maintenance

Partner with Safely for an added value solution that benefits your customers and lowers their premiums. Our in-house risk expert group uses telematics data and driver behavioral knowledge to improve the safety of fleets and reduce accidents.


Improve the safety of your drivers and reduce your insurance, fuel and maintenance with Safelys programs

Transform your fleet’s safety and save with Safely. Our expert-designed, telematics-driven solution is low effort and easy to use, delivering improved driver safety and reduced costs across insurance premiums, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

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