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We Combine Technology and Expertise to Stop Incidents & Collisions

From our years of expereincing working with fleets and we have built a range of tools and interventions that leverage AI to make meaningful change towards stopping crashes in fleets.

Pillars of Our Products

All our programs are underpinned by these 4 key pillars

Driver Behaviour Data

Risk Expert Group

Interventions and Trainings

for every one

How It Works 

The following provides and example of the features of Safely program. We understand the need for customisation hence not all features have to be deployed.

Safely Risk Expert Group

Combining Expertise and Technology to achieve a reduction in crashes and claims in fleet

We combine expertise and driver behaviour data to reduce incidents in fleets. Our in house group of experience risk managers understands the importance of fleet safety. They know that having telematics is simply not enough and it is the actions you take to impose a expectation of safe driving that makes the difference.

That’s why our team of risk experts will work with you every step of the way to design, implement, and support a safety program that is tailored to the needs of the fleet.

Using real-time telematics data and artificial intelligence, we will identify risks and provide data-driven decisions to keep the fleet safe and efficient. Our goal is to help you reduce accidents, costs, and improve the overall safety of the fleet.

Coming Soon

Safely is developing a suite of Applications that will provide a fleet will all the necessary tools to improve the safety of their drivers.

Driver App

The Safely Driver App automates driver intervention and training to get maximum driver engagement.

Manager App

The Safely Driver App automates driver intervention and training to get maximum driver engagement.

Safety Champ Portal

The Safety Champion portal allows the key personnel of the safety program to have full control and oversight.

Safety Champion App

The Safety Champion App gives key personnel full control of the program all through their mobile.

Our Benefits

Work with Safely and achieve the following for your fleet.




Reduction in Claims


Reduction in Vehicle Maintenance


Insurance Premium Reduction


Reduction in Fuel Consumption


Driver Satisfaction

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Our Partners

We partner with Underwriters, Brokers and Fleets to achieve our goal of reducing accidents across fleets.


Create a value-added solution for your customers by deploying Safelys low effort low cost risk management solution


Provide your customers with a solution that helps them lower the cost of their premium and creates a cost effective fleet across fuel and maintenance


Improve the safety of your drivers and reduce your insurance, fuel and maintenance with Safely's programs

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